The Usual Profile #1

“Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center. Big, undreamed-of things — the people on the edge see them first.”

— Kurt Vonnegut

credits: benjamin thomas, unsplash

It was my third time meeting with Lauren in person. Same as last time, he was in his hoodie…

Credits: ben rosett, unsplash


The light has been shed on Chinese entrepreneurs.

Some others talked about them all the time — speed and scale, name and fame. Yet it was always the same story: big names, big numbers and big dreams.

Is there something more? Instead of a name appearing in social media headlines, or someone’s story summed up in three lines, there must be something deeper, worth touching and digging.

That’s why I started writing this series. Thanks to my work at Google, I have been fortunate to meet these Chinese entrepreneurs. Not only to learn about their business, but more importantly…

Hongyi Ji

With roots in China and footprints across Europe and Middle East, Hongyi has a passion for connecting people, business and culture together.

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